Building State-Based Coalitions – Webinar Q&A

The Coalition for Patients’ Rights (CPR) is pleased to announce the beginning of a new State-Based Coalition (SBC) Program for state/regional organizations, branches and representatives of the national CPR organizations. The purpose of these Coalitions is to enable a coordinated, proactive response by our stakeholders to scope of practice developments at the state level, particularly attacks by the Scope of Practice Partnership (SOPP) and state and local medical societies. The SBC Program will facilitate:

  • Networking and information-sharing at the state level between CPR organizations
  • Creation of state-based CPR coalitions that reflect the national membership of the CPR
  • Development and sharing of resources for state scope of practice issues

The Coalition has developed a virtual training session on how to build state-based coalitions that will have an impact. Some of the topics covered in this webinar include background information on the Coalition, the role a coalition can play in addressing scope of practice issues on the state level and an overview of tools that are available to support coalition development.

Here are the questions participants asked during a recent training session:

Q: Where will this slide deck be posted for our membership to view?
A: Members can listen to a recorded version of the webinar online. It is posted at

Q: What is the website address to find the Coalition representative for your state?
A: A list of CPR member organizations is posted at Please note this is organized by professional association, not by state.

Q: Do all states have a representative?
A: CPR is composed of more than 35 professional organizations, including several state associations, and has members across the country. Representation is based on the professional association, rather than geographic location. Some members have provided contact information by state and region. That information is available at

Q: What is the best way to include Coalition partners on specific legislation and issues on which they may not have much background?
A: CPR’s scanning tool on the Members Only section of the website is a great way to share updates. One thing to consider, however, is one of the ground rules for the Coalition: Fellow members are not expected to support another member’s specific legislative initiative. Yet, having background information about specific threats and understanding how they may affect broader scope of practice issues is valuable.
CPR members use e-mail lists and participate in regular teleconferences to share information. In-person meetings also can help engage and educate Coalition partners.

Q: What is the process for a group to join CPR? To whom do we send the $500.00 fee - is there an application form?
A: State affiliates make an annual contribution of $500 to the Coalition to join. Contributions should be mailed to:
American Association of Nurse Anesthetists
RE: Coalition for Patients' Rights
Attn: Maureen Shekleton
222 S. Prospect Ave
Park Ridge, IL 60068-4001

Q: How do we log into the CPR website? Who can log in?
A: All national CPR member organizations have access to the Members Only section of the CPR website. State affiliates that formally join the organization also receive direct access to the Members Only section. If your state-level organization is not a CPR affiliate, please contact your national organization if you would like access to information that is in the Members Only section. Contact information is posted at If you are a member and need help with log-in, please contact Adam Sachs of the American Nurses Association at

Q: Do state CPR organizations need to join if the national organizations of the state groups are already members?
A: State associations are not required to join CPR, but there are additional benefits for groups that formally join as state or regional affiliates. These are:

  • Designation and recognition as a State/Regional Participant in the CPR;
  • Direct access to the Members Only section of the CPR website, including the scanning tool that allows members to share information on current issues and toolkits. A separate section is dedicated to state-based coalition activities;
  • An invitation to attend the CPR face-to-face meeting as an observer; and
  • The ability to network directly with other State/Regional CPR Participants.

Any members of CPR organizations are welcome to formally join as state affiliates or participate through the national parent organization.

Q: If we want to start a state-based coalition, and we are a single practitioner, can we have a limited access for a time?
A: Please contact your national parent organization to arrange site access. If you’d like more assistance organizing a state-based coalition, please contact Karen Howard, Chair of the CPR State-Based Coalition Workgroup, at, 202-237-8150.

Q: If we are not yet a member, how do we access this slide pack?

A: The webinar is available to the public at